2018 Sponsors

Privateer Press

PP has lent us Prize Support! Check them out www.privateerpress.com

Muse On Minis

They make Great terrain, tools and have printed much of what the NJSOBs use in our tournaments. www.museonstore.com

TOGIT: The Only Game in Town

THE definition of the local friendly game store!  They have lent us Boards and Mats!  Nearby Somerville?  Go buy something!!! 


Conflict Chamber

These guys have created THE online tool for list building AND its free!!  With their help we are able to get 90 lists submitted, verified and shared.   www.conflictchamber.com  

Dark Lance Designs

Expert, Flexible and imaginative Dark Lance can design and create any widget you need!  They are on site taking orders and making widgets on demand!

Friends of the NJSOB's & Supporters of the Brawl

Fully Boosted

This group of insightful and genuine players are what makes the meta great!  Talented players, important topics and deep discussions are the hallmark.  Give a listen:  There is a lot of jelly in their doughnut!

Not Snakes Gaming

From humble roots, this battle-report podcast has become THE place to go to watch people play great games with insightful commentary.  Variety of players and lists keeps us coming back for more!

Combo Smite

They may be Canadian but they have their  fingers on the pulse of all North American gaming!  Great news, tournament and battle reporting!

Lost Hemisphere Radio

Is a blog?  Is it a podcast? Is it an Event and news reporting site?  Yes!  Lost Hemisphere gives you outstanding information, detailed descriptions and makes you happy you are a gamer!  http://lhradio.blogspot.com/