3 Days - 3 Crush Hour Events

The Bokur Brawl is Proud to Present the Monpoc Manville Massacre!!


The Manville Massacre is 3 separate events rolled into one! 

Friday 10/4 is the   3 - Mod event  (Bring 3 monsters, each with 5 units, select two in a pairing process- see player packet) 

Saturday 10/5 is the single list,   2 monster event  (one during the day, one after the WM/H Team event

Sunday 10/6 is the single list,    1 Monster event

Win all Three and you will be crowned KING (OR QUEEN) OF THE BRAWL

Participants receive - Custom dice at each event, play in all 3 get  dice each time!

Winners receive trophies and various   Monpoc prizes

If we have a King or Queen of the Brawl they will receive royal investitures commensurate to their new rank as Brawl Royalty (you are going to get a cool crown or tiara)! 



Choose any one event you pay $35

What you get

Entry into a crush hour of your choosing

Participation swag

Access to hall, vendors and bar for the day you attend

Choose 2 or 3 events you pay $60 (you buy 2 events play in the third for free!)

What you get:

Entry into any or all of the crush hour events 

Participation swag in each event

Weekend Pass: Access to hall, vendors and bar for the weekend!

If you purchased a scrambler pass or other ticket and want to play play in these events talk to the Bokur Boss about playing in this event for no fee!