The 1st Annual Bokur Bowl!

Coaches needed!

It is our first event! Can you take home the top Prize?  Everyone takes home custom turn/re-roll markers!


Full details when the players packet is released but to give you a start:

We will be using the standard NAF CRP (Competition Rules Pack), with the exceptions listed in this document.

NAF Tournament rules available here:

Full CRP Blood Bowl game rules may be found here:

Timing: We will not be using timers at the beginning of any match, but we will keep the tournament on schedule. Players may be warned or disqualified for intentionally slow play.

Illegal Procedure: This is a friendly tournament, so no Illegal Procedure rules (failing to move your turn marker) will be used. Politely remind your opponent to move his/her turn marker.

Player Numbering: All models must be numbered, and numbers must correspond to the number listed on the roster.

Resurrection format: Casualties, injuries and SPPs generated during a match will not carry forward to the next match. All rosters reset at the beginning of each match.

Team Creation:

·         All 26 NAF-sanctioned teams are allowed.

·         Players have 1.2 million gps available to purchase players and inducements.

·         Rosters must include at least 11 players from the list of available players for that team. 

·         The core permitted teams can be found here:

·         The additional 3 teams (Bretonnians, Khorne, Slann) can be found here:

 Registration is on the front page 


This $35 event includes participation swag and awards!