Warfaire Weekend & Iron Gauntlet Qualifier


    This is your last Opportunity to Earn Points for Warfaire Weekend!  Plus if we have 32 players (as we did last year) the top players get Iron Gauntlet Points!  Details below:

 - Masters Format (using the 2020 Masters Organized Play document when released)

-  75 Points, 2 lists Format with  Standard Strength of schedule Scoring 

Details available in the Bokur Bulletin (see Bottom of Home page) 


WarFaire Weekend/ Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Ticket

The Ticket Cost is $35

What you get with your ticket:

Lunch on Friday

Access to Hall until close on Friday including the bar and vendors, The  Bokur Board Game Bibliotheca &

Participation Swag!

This event uses the Bokur Bounty Prize Support System

Registration is on the front page and Open 6/1/2020