Warmachine Weekend (Warfaire Weekend) Qualifier


                                 Warfaire Weekend QUALIFIER Tournament Rules (WFWQ) 

Will be held 10/4/19

The WMWQ is a 75-point standard Steamroller event consisting of a Maximum of 64 players 

• The tournament will last until an undisputed winner can be declared. 

• The tournament will use strength of schedule as the first tie breaker then a control points then army points.  

• The First Place Winner receives a spot in the Warfaire Weekend Invitational 

• Warfaire Weekend Point awarded as per their regulations 

The Bokur Brawl has purchased the Mechanika Studios Awards Pack for the event

WarFaire Weekend Qualifier Ticket

The Ticket Cost is $35

What you get with your ticket:

Lunch from the kitchen of Chef Influential

Access to Hall until close on Friday including the bar and vendors, The  Bokur Board Game Bibliotheca &

Participation Swag!

This event uses the Bokur Bounty Prize Support System

Registration is on the front page