The Bokur Big Base Brawl (The BBBB)


Last Year 16 People Walked away with a Big Base Prize!

75 Point Steamroller Tournament

 The Bokur Big Base Brawl 

 Tournament Rules (BBBB) 

 Basic Tournament Rules

• The BBBB is a standard Steamroller  event with a cap of  32 players ( We will open a 2nd BBBB if the numbers warrant) 

• The tournament will last until an undisputed winner can be declared.  

• The tournament will use strength of schedule as the first tie breaker then a control points then army points.  

• All prizes will consist of huge bases, Battle engines, Warcasters, Colossals, Gargantuans,  -as long as it is on a huge base -The top 50% of players receive a Huge base model.  We gave away 16 in 2019!

 Details available in the Bokur Bulletin (see Bottom of Home page)  

 Registration is on the front page Starting 6/1/20

BBBB Ticket Cost

Ticket costs $35

Registration Opens 6/1/20


What you get with your ticket:

Lunch  on Friday

Access to Hall until close on Friday including the bar and vendors, The Bokur Board Game Bibliotheca  &

Participation Swag!

This event uses the Bokur Bounty Prize Support System