The Bokur Big Base Brawl (The BBBB)


Although 16 People Walked Away with Prizes Only Mark Howard Could be First!  Congratulations to all!  

75 Point Steamroller Tournament

 The Bokur Big Base Brawl 

 Tournament Rules (BBBB) 

 Basic Tournament Rules

• The BBBB is a standard Steamroller event with a cap of  32 players ( We will open a 2nd BBBB if the numbers warrant) 

• The tournament will last until an undisputed winner can be declared.  

• The tournament will use strength of schedule as the first tie breaker then a control points then army points.  

• All prizes will consist of huge bases, Battle engines, Warcasters, Colossals, Gargantuans,  -as long as it is on a huge base -The top 50% of players receive a Huge base model.  We gave away 16 in 2019!

 Registration is on the front page 

BBBB Ticket Cost

Ticket costs $35

Registration Opens 6/1/20


What you get with your ticket:

Lunch from the kitchen of Chef Influential

Access to Hall until close on Friday including the bar and vendors, The Bokur Board Game Bibliotheca  &

Participation Swag!

This event uses the Bokur Bounty Prize Support System