The Bokur Brush Painting Contest

Sponsored by The Portal Comics and Gaming

 All Good Bokurs appreciate a good paint job.  A signature paint job increases visibility on a busy battlefield and helps secure future clients.  Accordingly,  we are going to host the Bokur Brush Painting Competition!  Entry is free to any attendee of The 2020 Bokur Brawl  wishing to submit a model he/she has painted.   Our categories are:  Single Miniature, Monster Miniature and the Bokur Category which can only be Mercenary Ogrun Bokurs, Hutchuck, Gundrun or the PG retirement Bokur!  

Prizes include - quality paints brushes and signature models begging for a superior paint job

Check out our contest sponsor, The Portal Comics and Gaming on our Sponsor Page!

Bokur Bob is Furiously Getting a Head Start!

Bokur Bob walked away empty handed in 2019 -he is not letting that happen twice...